Partner with a broker who partners with you. 

Now you can have a broker who is working for you. From leads to marketing, and the tools to get it all done. Finally, you can spend your time  helping clients and closing their sales. 

Daniel McCoy
July 24, 2017 3:26pm

When you first come to the Real Estate industry, you are faced with a decision of which brokerage to join. Like most agents, you probably looked into a few opportunites and picked a broker that had the lowest fees or perhaps said they provided the most training. After the initial excitement wore off you came to harsh reality.

You are on your own.

You get a client here and there from your sphere or maybe you pay for leads. You know how to get the job done and get clients to the closing table. But, you aren't helping enough people to live the lifestyle you would like to live. You didn't know when you got into this business that most of your time would be used up in frustrating attempts to get your next client. You just want to close deals and help people!

I believe you are fully capable of helping a lot of clients and providing great outcomes. I believe you would acheive your fullest potential if you didn't have to spend so much time dealing with the aspects of your business that are holding you back. I believe real estate is your opportunity to live a wonderful life, on your terms, and to succeed the way you have always dreamed could be possible. 

I believe in you so much that I am willing to invest in your success like no one else will. 

You haven't been doing as many transactions as you know you can. You have been wondering how you can realize your dream of living your dream lifestyle as a real estate agent. It seems there is always something you don't know how to do or some secret that might hold the key to your success. 

It's not your fault.

Most of the time, your broker doesn't know how to help you get more clients. They just aren't sure how to help individual agents generate more leads and convert them into closings. Their business model is to recruit as many agents as possible and make their money strictly on the fees. It doesn't matter if you, the individual agent, are making it in this tough industry.

I'm different.

I have a history of marketing and negotiation expertise and I want to put that to work for you. 

Parnter with a broker who invests in your success with paid leads, follow up, appointment setting, and full marketing of your listings.