At Cobalt Realty Partners, we understand first hand the importance of finding great renters to care for your home. We understand this because we are landlords as well and believe that every home should be treated as though it were ours! Finding and retaining highly qualified tenants is an important piece to property management and we want you to feel at ease.

We are your one stop shop! We will advertise your home, perform showings, find tenants, be the point of communication for any questions/concerns, place any service request needed, process your payments etc. We will always keep you updated on what is going on and take care of everything needed, so you don’t have to.

Cobalt Realty Partners is committed to you and your rental home by offering the following:

  •  No mark ups for maintenance costs or repairs. We will not invoice you for our call to a repairman. Many property management companies will charge the landlord an extra fee in addition to the cost of the service.
  • No upfront fees. You do not pay anything until a tenant is secured
  • No surprise fees. What we discuss with you is what you can expect. No surprises or hidden fees.
  • Tenant screening. We screen every tenant to ensure by checking into their eviction history, background check and criminal search
  • Online payment. Your renter can pay easily, online. At NO cost to them or you.
  • Direct deposit. We offer direct deposit of rent proceeds right into your bank
  • Monthly accounting reporting. Each month, you will receive an accounting report of payments and expenditures so you are always kept in the know.
  • Landlord Portal. You can access your financial reports, invoices, and property info in your own landlord portal online.
  • Home warranty. Home repairs can be costly and obtaining a home warranty can be beneficial. We are happy to recommend some names if interested.
  • Leasing only service available. We will advertise your property, show your home, screen the tenant, and sign the lease and turn them over to you to manage.

Ask us about managing your property:

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